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As I was entering my high school, I became very interested in traveling across India. With able support from my family members, most notably my Mother, I was able to travel to various regions in India, during my vacations. It was during these trips that I started my hobby of writing about my travel experiences. I decided to go ahead and publish one of my first works, in a website called viewsunplugged.com. The article, about my first trip to the island of Rameswaram, was greatly appreciated by everyone, including a whole range of viewers comments, appreciating it for it's simplicity and humour.

I continued documenting my journeys, across India, specifically South India and I wrote many more articles which were eventually published in the journalism website and also eventually circulated in different magazines, newsletters and as e-mails. My writing interests branched out from writing to social issues, humour and music. I eventually wrote about 7 articles which were officially published, the best of the being 'In the middle of Nowhere', 'A journey through Time and Ramayana', 'Cut the Root', 'The man worth his weight in gold - Rahul Dravid' and 'Internet, dear Internet!!'

As I had started writing articles, I also had intentions of writing a complete novel, with fictional characters, plot and everything related to it. I started writing 'Time and a Cyclone' in mid-2002 and completed the whole draft, including the print version draft of it in 2004. It was then, as I started receiving readers comments that I had realized that it was a complete novel, as I had intended it to be, with all the elements required to qualify it as a full-fledged literary work. 'Srishti', a college newsletter that I had worked for, as an Editor, started by Srinath Srinivasan and Karanam Udeerna, agreed to publish the novel under their banner. The novel was all set for public release.

Mr. Narayana N.R. Murthy, Chairman and co-founder of Infosys Technologies Ltd., released my first novel 'Time and a Cyclone' on the 30th of August, 2004, in Elliot Hall of Infosys Software park in Chennai, India. Mr. Narayana N.R. Murthy praised the effort, for the courage and the simplicity of the literary work. His speech during the release function remains a great inspiration to me, when I think about life and achievement. The effort was also greatly appreciated by Mr. Nandan M. Nilekani, the co-founder and CEO of Infosys Technologies Ltd. Mr.Rajdeep Sardesai, the Chairman of IBN Media house had also received a copy of the novel, when I, as an Editor of 'ExpresCHN', the official newsletter of the Chennai Development Center, had interviewed him in 2005 for our monthly issue.

More appreciations followed as readers comments poured in. The effort reached it's pinnacle when Sir Arthur C Clarke, the greatest of the surviving members of the 'Big Three' in Science Fiction, appreciated it. He remarked that it was 'a good idea' and gave me an autographed copy of my novel and also the first published copy of his first paper on 'Geostationary sattelites', a concept which he had conceived, which is now a global phenomenon. To hear the very words of Sir Clarke, was greatly encouraging and inspirational. The novel was also submitted to the preliminary listings of the Man-Booker Prize 2005 and was read by the panel of judges. Though it did not make it any further, I had received encouraging comments from the panel.

"Time and a Cyclone" was available in most of the leading bookstores in India and also online through Fabmall. The bookstore sales of the novel has been closed, it was available from August 2004 till April 2007, and has received a great response.

'Time and a Cyclone' is available online at Indiaplaza.in. It is listed under the 'English Paperback' category in this page: 'Time and a Cyclone'

I am currently working on my other proposed projects, loosely titled as 'The Apparition'. Please do visit the website of 'Time and a Cyclone' for more information. It is being maintained by 'Srishti'

This is what some of the readers of Time and a Cyclone have to say about the novel

Nandan M.Nilekani
"A nice and moving book!"
Shreyas S.
"The attention to detail is commendable. The names of characters and places are truly memorable - they keep lingering in your mind, long after you have read the novel. This is truly a must-read!......"
Vijaykumar Premkumar, Story Writer

"...I really appreciate how you have been able to weave in a story, emotions as well as a message into your literature ...."
Sangeetha Pradeep

"...Very neatly said, without any frills attached. A sensible, simple novel narrated in a style where visualizing the story became very easy.One would know this is your first novel, only if one knew that fact..."

More comments about the novel are available in the 'Time and a Cyclone' website.

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Sculptures on Ink

An article compilation, titled 'Sculptures on Ink' featuring some of my best published articles was also released along with my first novel, by Mr. Narayana N.R. Murthy on the same day. Some of my published articles are as below.

Please do note that all of this was written 6 years ago and so many things have changed since then, these include facts, my opinions, my perception, etc. However, I have preserved the article the way it has been to ensure that the article is as it was as I had written it when I was 18-19 years old.

In the middle of Nowhere - 2002

Cut the Root - 2002

Nonchalant Nellore - 2002

The man worth his weight in gold - Rahul Dravid - 2002

A Journey through time and Ramayana - 2001

Cauvery - A tale of two families - 2001

Note: If the download dialogue box does not appear, please right-click on the link and select 'Save link as..' option or, if you have DAP, please click on 'Download with DAP'. Sorry for the inconvenience, the PDF download option does not appear in all browsers.

Please also note that these academic works are copyrighted, under Canadian and Indian Intellectual Property laws.

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Readers comments:

Readers comments for some of these articles, as published in viewsunplugged.com:

This is indeed to encourage the efforts you've taken to bring the relevance of the age-old epic "Ramayana" into the present context and relate it to the current geographical scenario. . - K. Prasad[Jun 2002]

Many thanks for the great article. During my last vacation, I had driven through TN. I actually lost my way when coming down from Palani. Intended going toward Cochin and ended up on NH7, toward Kanyakumari. After reading your article, I simply wished I had lost my way more abjectly, and made it to Rameswaram. I hope to do it this time, God Willing. Thanks for the great article and good luck for all your travels. - Sreeshant Madhavan[Apr 2003]

Sudharsan's articles shows a maturity of a college student and the efficency of communication. His simple and down to earth style of writing reminds me of RK.Narayanan. I once again thank the editor for giving the youngsters an oppurtunity and encourgagement which Sudharsan surely deserves. Congrats Sudharsan, great work done, Keep it up. - M.B.Shrinivas[Oct 2002]

The author Sudharshan who came to Nellore to cool off in summer is terrific, he does not need shades to beat the heat, he can freeze the Sun god by his smile and presence. His visit was regarded by Nellorians as that of a Hermit, whose presence brings rains in drought. If he is planning to visit Nellore next summer,then Nellorians will think they are blessed for they know that sun will shy away. We will feel like living in igloo's,if he is around. - Paramasivam[Sep 2002]

The author has very beautifully expressed whatever he had wanted to without creating an allusion to anybody. He has conveyed what most of the people think,yet in a very artistic and bold manner. Such work is to be appreciated wholeheartedly. - Krishna[Nov 2002]

I am Mr.Ram, from Banglore. Basically I am a person very much interested in travelling. So I frequently visit sites about travel experiences. I happened to read your article on Nellore. I was very much touched and I felt that I was in your place in Nellore enjoying the 47F temperature in the indian summer. I came to know that you are doing your engg. I can't believe that an engg.student who is supposed to be stuffed with projects and assignments is able to spend time to write an article. I would simply say that you have played with english words. Are you well versed in any other language other than english and your mother tongue ? Iliked ur optimism. I pray God that you must be the next R. K.Narayan. Wish you all the best. Do publish your other articles. - Ram[Sep 2002]

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