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Quizzing is one of my favorite activities. This involves participating in quizzes as well as hosting them. Quizzing has been exciting,enjoyable and informative, right from school to corporate life. Of late, I have also taken up hosting quizzes as a Quizmaster.

College life has been a roller coaster ride of all sorts. Myself and my team comprising of R.Raghakamal,R.Bhavani and D.S.Karthikeyan went onto win 15 quizzes unbeaten in all the inter-college symposia which had happened all over the state in the year 2003-2004.

My most memorable quiz has been in Mepco-schlenk Engineering college.I was a lone-wolf and I had convincingly drubbed all the other 2 member teams by a margin of 74 points. My final score was 143 and the second place was held by another team with 69 points. It was a national level symposium organized by the Computer Society of India. It wasn't an technical quiz but a very good funda quiz.

My college quizzes have been very enjoyable and I can never forget the CSI quiz which I hosted in my college in which everyone was spell-bound by the excitement, my quiz had generated - with knowledge,humor and more importantly involvement.

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Links to quizzes

Here are a list of my favorite quiz links and also a lot of questions from my brother Naveen's quiz club - Phoenix's website.They can be directly accessed at: Phoenix - SREC.


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