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I am a big time movie-buff. I must have definitely watched over a thousand movies, literally. I love Tamil, English and Telugu movies. I have also greatly enjoyed and been inspired by several foreign language films, most notably Japanese, Russian and French ones.

Apart from watching movies, I have also shot two documentaries, both for private circulation within Infosys. I shot the short-movie titled 'Matter of Choice' for the Chennai-DC, Infosys, as a part of the Mangalore-Development-Center, film festival, in 2005. The movie won the second prize for the 'Best Movie' amongst 15+ entries. In 'Matter of Choice', I handled the Camera and also the story, along with two of my colleagues.

We also made another 5 minute movie, titled 'Filter Coffee @ Marina" as a part of the HTDM film festival. There were just three entries, so the movie was well appreciated.

I shall update this section with a list of some of my favorite movies and also a short-list of my selection of must-see movies, shortly.

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Movie clip

Note: "Matter of Choice" is copyrighted to Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bangalore.

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Some favorite videos


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