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I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering, from the prestigious, University of Madras, Madras, Tamil Nadu, in 2004. I graduated 'First Class' with specialization in 'Artificial Neural Networks', 'Network Security' and 'Visual Programming'. Right after graduation, I joined Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India, which has been consistently ranked as the best company to work for in India by the Business-Today group of publications. I was selected as one amongst the 200 Engineers in the aptitude test who were in turn selected out of a pool of 5000 Engineers, who had appeared for the exam. In Infosys, I worked, for most part, as a Language Corpora Analyst for the National Languages Group of Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA.

Here, my long-term passion for languages developed greatly as I handled data in over 30 languages and developed over 21 tools for Unicode text processing. The look and feel of different languages and reading about all of them gave me the inspiration and courage to move into full-time Linguistics. I resigned my job and prepared myself for a career in Linguistics.

I had enrolled in a distance-ed program in Linguistics that was offered by Annamalai University, immediately after graduation. However, it was only much later that I had realized that the program was not sufficient to get me a position in the Doctoral program offered by many universities across North America and Europe. I had intended to complete my distance-ed program and continue to further my interests in Linguistic Doctoral-level research.

It was then, as I was looking for Linguistics programs in Canada, that I came across the Masters-Research program in Linguistics offered by Trinity Western University in Canada, which was ranked in 2006 as having the highest out of any university in Canada in the category of "Overall Quality of Education" according to the Globe and Mail's 2006 University Report Card. I got in touch with the people in TWU, and I am now here doing my Masters-Research in Analytical Linguistics.

I intend to pursue my Ph.D in Linguistics after the completion of my Masters degree, with career interests in lecturing, research and policy-making.

Some of my academic works are available for readers in the respective sections.


College life was remarkable in many ways. Apart from academic work, one of the best aspects of my college life has been the technical symposia that my team and I had attended. It was marked with prolific victories in Inter-college symposia, all over the state, in Quizzes and Paper-presentations. Though I started the symposia participation spree only towards the end of my third year in engineering, my team and I went onto win 15 quizzes unbeaten, 5 paper presentations, 3 JAMs, 4 Adzaps and 3 Shipwrecks. I was teamed up with my very good friends - R.Bhavani, R.Raghakamal, D.S.Karthikeyan - my classmates and good friends. There was a time when we literally made a profession out of winning competitions and amassing the 'riches' the colleges gave us, as prize money. The gross cumulative annual salary of our team wherever our team had participated was well above 40,000 rupees and separate victories of my team members, if counted came upto a figure of around 50,000 rupees, which is approximately 1300 Canadian Dollars, which was a big sum in our college days.

This interest in quizzing and symposia had started during my school days, back in St.Mary's Boys School, Perambur and Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidhyalaya, Anna Nagar. I had won appreciations in a state-level science symposium conducted by the Periyar Science and Technology Center, organized by Tamil Nadu Government for a Physics project that I did. I was also chosen as the 'Best Leader' by the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, conducted in Tonakela, Avadi

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Corporate life:

Life @ Infosys was greatly enriching. Having had the chance to learn from some of the best people about software quality practises was rewarding. I worked in the Bangalore and Chennai Development centers, mostly in Visual programming. I also developed many tools for Unicode text processing, in many different world-languages.

I had started an English literary forum in Infosys called CHN-Ink, which was an acronym for Chennai-Ink. The name of the forum was Ink and at one point of time had more than 2000 readers. It was a forum, a bulletin board forum in MS-Outlook Mail exchange server, in which writers post their works as readers would leave their comments about the literary works. It received amazing responses for the literary works and also the forum.

I also had the privilege of being in Swaralaya, the Carnatic music forum of Infosys, Chennai, where I had a chance to perform in two different concerts. One being the Thyagaraja Aradhanai festival and the other being a monthly concert. I was one amongst the organizing members of this forum. My stint with Swaralaya was short, but very productive, as I had resigned shortly afterwards.

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During my college days, I had developed interest in Networks and Operating Systems. I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer, which is an international certification awarded by Red Hat Corporation for expertise in using the Linux operating system. I had scored 100% in the core module of RHCE. RHCE is also one of the world's most difficult technical certifications, with a required pass mark of 80% and an average pass-rate of 18%, as it was when I appeared for the exam.

I haven't upgraded my RHCE to the current release as my interests have branched out into Linguistics and other arts, however, it is still something which I cherish greatly. I strongly endorse and support the use of Open-Source products, as I believe Software is best when it is free and customizeable.


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