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Time and a Cyclone was released by Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy, Chairman and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies on August 30,2004 in Infosys,Chennai. Venue: Elliot, SDB-1, Second floor.

Mr. Narayana Murthy on Time and a Cyclone

"I wish I had read the novel so that I could have talked on the novel with more authority. But Sudharsan has already told us what the novel is all about in the best possible way and nobody could have said this in a more eloquent manner than the author himself.

When I was requested to release this novel, it didn't take me a second to say a 'Yes'!

Three days before, I was here for the Mathematics Olympiad. Mathematics and writing; both are great dimensions of intelligence. Mathematics is precise, concise and on the other hand writing creates excitement and happiness.

Our business requires speed, imagination and excellence in execution. These are the three time-invariant activities.

One who can write a novel, to create excitement can exercise that creativity in everything he does. My wife also writes and she has been a person who has exercised this creativity in all her activities. You have brought joy and excitement to everybody by means of this novel.

I heard that you have completed the novel in quite a short span of time and that shows your speed and creativity.

Keep it up, Sudharsan!! Writing a novel is not a trivial thing.

My favorite novel is "Wise and other wise" written by my wife and it is the only novel to have been translated in all Indian languages including Kashmiri and Oriya. It has a lot of dimensions of normal life - like fishermen in Vishakapatnam and a misguided lady in Bengal.

To write in simple language is the hallmark of excellence. Mr.Alok Agarwal was a person who was with us during the initial stages of Infosys - he was a designer and programmer. He has left Infosys and is now in Chicago, though he regrets about his decision now. When he designed a system it was like poetry. It was simple yet had beauty in it.

I glanced through a few pages of this novel and found that the author has used simple language to convey a point. This has poetry and beauty in it. The novel is thin and simple. We need more such people and also expecting to see more such novels from Sudharsan in the future. Congratulations.

To buy books from the bookstore is the best way of authorizing the honor to a writer. It is a respect we give to the author. What I'd suggest to you is not to keep it in the libraries. If you want to encourage the publisher, the photographer, seller and the author - it can happen only by people buying it.

What I would suggest to everyone here is not to ask free copies to the author and let us all resolve to buy and read it from a bookstore. I once again would like to congratulate him on this wonderful effort."

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The Author speaks

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Good Afternoon everybody,
I would like to welcome all of you to the release function of "Time and a Cyclone". It's been a dream come true for me. I've actually been pinching myself for quite some time!!

It's indeed my honor to have the man behind all of our dreams, the man who drives the dreams of every Infoscion, inaugurate my dream - "Time and a Cyclone". I would like to heartily thank Mr.Murthy for having consented to release this book.

I've been talking about this book called "Time and a Cyclone" - I know all of you here are clueless about what the book is all about. Few of you have read it and most of you have not.

The novel is a reality-fiction. Though it sounds like an Oxymoron and the concept, it is in essence - an Oxymoron. The novel's storyline uses an instance of fiction to convey a strong realistic point. The ultimate message of the novel is how an environment filled with true love and clear knowledge makes a world of difference in a person's life. The novel takes shape from a young man named Ram, whose dream of re-writing history puts him on a roller coaster ride through time and he ends up learning many things from the journey of his lifetime.

Ram, a passionate young man obsessed with nature questions the nature of Nature and a weird thought of rewriting history in some way comes to his mind. Ram and his friend Sri together come across an instance in history, which they can change by going back in time. The incident had happened 39 years ago and it was a killer cyclone which had wiped off an entire town of 700 people off the face of the earth in one night's fury.

How did they go about it? What was their real intention? Did they succeed in their quest?

I want you all to read it and give me your constructive feedback so that I can improve as a better communicator in my future novels.

There are so many things I want to talk about the novel and so many people whom I have to thank, who have made it possible for me to convert my scribblings to a well-refined published novel like this. I know that time is a big factor, so let me limit myself to the time frame here!!

With regard to the release function here, I would like to thank Mr.Mahesh Gourishetty, Mr.Richard Lobo, Mr.Sujith Peter and Mrs. Sangeetha Pradeep. My PM Mr.Mathivanan and my PL Mr.Joel for their constant support and encouragement and my Rey-ApexM team.

Most importantly I would like to thank my mother S.Sulochana, who has been the person who has given my constant source of encouragement and inspiration.

In my humble opinion, the greatest award to an artiste is true encouragement, heartfelt appreciation and constructive feedback. If that be the case then, I can heartily say that Mr.Murthy encouraging this small effort of mine is like a Nobel Prize for literature given to me. Well, thanks to all for attending this nobel-prize function.Thank you."