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Time and a Cyclone is a reality-fiction - that's how the author prefers to call it as - "It uses an instance of fiction to convey lots of strong realistic points. It is an insight into how we can make a difference to our society".

Ram, a passionate young man obsessed with Nature, questions the nature of Nature and a weird thought of rewriting history in some way comes to his mind. Ram and his friend Sri together come across an instance, which they can change by going back in time. The incident had happened 40 years ago.

What is the incident they were trying to erase off the realms of time? How did they go about it? What was their real intention? Did they succeed in their quest?

The journey takes them on a roller-coaster ride through the barriers of time. What they learn from this inter-dimensional trip is the essence of Time and a Cyclone. The novel conveys a strong social message by means of the aforesaid outline.

"It is more of how a change in our perspectives can create a collective revolution in the society which in turn would make the world a better place to live for everyone"

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Ram is the protagonist of "Time and a Cyclone". He is a dynamic young man who is very obsessed with Nature and is a very abstract thinker. He gets a weird idea of re-writing history in his mind because he feels that Nature has been unfair in hunting down on many innocent people in the form of calamities. In this process, he questions the very nature of Nature. His passionate intentions take him on a journey past the time-barrier and the incidents that he comes across during and after the journey changes his whole perception on life and reality.
Sri is Ram's best friend. Sri is a very tech-savvy,intelligent young woman who would also fit in the tag of being 'Bold and Beautiful'. Being great friends, she is perhaps the only person who understands Ram fully. Sri helps Ram in achieving his quest of re-writing history. Ultimately, Ram understands from Sri about the importance of true love and clear knowledge and how an environment filled with these factors makes a world of difference in in a person's life.
Nayaki lives in 1964 and she is the opposite of Sri in terms of her character and also in the way she has grown-up. She is also the poverty-stricken mother of a girl-child, who goes to the extent of practising female-infanticide. Her meeting with Ram changes the course of her life as well as that of the girl-child.
The town-head of Adiokentha.
The cult head in Adiokentha who performs unwarranted rituals to retain his hold on the townsfolk as the deciding authority.
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Adiokentha is the backdrop of the entire story. This place was washed away off the face of the earth on December 22nd 1964. It is "visually similar to Dhanushkodi", as the author says, which met a similar fate exactly on the same date and time as in the story.