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Readers' comments

Mr. Nandan M.Nilekani
A nice and moving book!
Shreyas S.
"Time and a Cyclone brings to life the desires of Ram - his quest in pursuit of nature; a bonding relationship with a friend, Sri, that every one would love to have; a futuristic time machine; the trials and tribulations of the people of Adiokentha; the uncompassionate village leaders; and a mammoth cyclone that's going to leave its mark in history. These diverse situations have been immaculately planned by the author and delivered in simple yet expressive language!

The attention to detail is commendable. The names of characters and places are truly memorable - they keep lingering in your mind, long after you have read the novel. This is truly a must-read!

Will Ram succeed in his quest? Find it out yourself! "
Sangeetha Pradeep, HRM, Chennai-DC
"Very neatly said, without any frills attached. A sensible, simple novel narrated in a style where visualizing the story became very easy.One would know this is your first novel, only if one knew that fact. Wishing you many more such successes. And you were a visionary too !!! Tsunami et al, before the real Tsunami is something!"
Vijaykumar Premkumar, Story Writer
"A lot of energy has gone into the writing, and also a lot of time and effort. Congratulations for the same. For one, this is a very promising piece. And a nice attempt. I really appreciate how you have been able to weave in a story, emotions as well as a message into your literature."
Srihari D.
"Each time someone looks up at the sky or the landscape, the tree tops, the myriad species around oneself, one cannot resist a sense of awe and admiration to the creator ..the Nature,the architect of life .. but here is a different perspective altogether.. the maker - the preserver has been questioned considering the gamut of impairments it has done to the face of earth in the form of cyclones, earthquakes thereby making a part of it ugly!! I have been talking about the new novel (read reality) of our Chennai Infoscion Sudharshan, in his attempt to revert back the spiteful events that had occurred on the face of earth..by nature..with a sense of apathy,a different outlook altogether. A must read!! Kudos Sudharsan!!"
Arul Raj
"Time and the cyclone is really a very interesting novel.The novel which has real life incidents as the core is to be heartily appreciated,there are many such events which happens around us that are forgotten in the time, but books like this will help people to remember them more often. The flow of the story is beautiful,and in many places the description about the nature and its beauty really gives me feeling of going to the actual places. Kudos to Sudharsan!!

The characterisation was relative with the story. The social evils that are mentioned in the novel will certainly influence the readers.The climax and the finishing were simply excellent.No one will believe that this is your first novel, because it has a expert touch in the presentation.The attractive cover of the novel adds to its inner beauty. There is lot more you can improve with time and experience."
Fareen Azeez
"Your book was good....as a fable, as an expression of ideas, as a way of saying what you think, it was really, really good. Your protagonist, I gather, is a good reflection of yourself, his thoughts seem to be your thoughts, his experiences , your experiences,at least ,leaving out the actual going into the past. And the story itself, as story of people who will not listen, who cannot understand,That definitely is not past tense, it is present tense...

I think you have been very honest, even as to the psychology behind wanting to save the world or at least a part of the world. And the story put across the futility of trying to change the past so well ; as well as the importance of the smallest things we do. I think it is a wonderful way of getting ideas across. That is why I called it a fable, a story with a moral. All in all, it is a book I liked to read, I am not a gushy sort of person; I pay few compliments, and only if I mean them.Keep writing!!"
Selvi Arularasan
"I could visualize the scene from the words itself! The story has a beautiful flow! The names of the characters were very imaginative and interesting... The concept of "Time machine" to relate it to the Dhanushkodi incidence was really superb!

The story has a mixed style of fiction and reality in a perfect ratio. His conclusion was great saying that "No one can change the past"!! The front cover of the novel itself gives a realistic touch to the novel! I think the language used and the size of the novel will contribute more to the success of the novel!!"
Jagatshree Ramabadran
"Time and Cyclone is a good piece of fiction. The author has adeptly brought out the evils of our society. The story has been presented in a crisp and interesting manner. The turn of events towards the end of the story, when mentioning about the character Nambunayaki are at its best.

Simple language has been used and the characters are well described which makes it easier for the readers to visualize them. Reading this book was a pleasurable experience"
Murali K.
"It was an uncanny experience,I read your book on Saturday night and woke up in the morning to hear of the havoc wreaked by the Tsunami.Way too uncanny. Btw, found ur book fast-paced and engrossing. Nice lil twist in the end."
Vivita Sequiera
"The novel is more like a breezy short story. It?s very a very well written adventure, the pace of the book is just right. The book makes you feel that, even the tiniest good deed you do; to help others, will be rewarded at some point in time. I also particularly liked the comparison of nature with electricity & an electron."

Mehala Ananthan
"The language is very simple. Actually when I started reading the book, I thought it is a kind of adventurous novel. I was very much impressed about the inference at the end. The flow is also good. I liked Sri Character very much - A best example for care and intelligence.

You have tried to identify the evils in our society with which every one of us should fight to eradicate it. The flow of the novel is also good."
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