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        Welcome to my website.

I am Sudharsan S.N. from Madras, India. I am currently a graduate-research student of Linguistics in British Columbia, Canada. This website is my online home, a chunk of cyber-real-estate and also an online compendium of some of my academic and artistic works.

I am driven by passion towards doing many things such as music, editing Wikipedia-English articles, writing and travelling. You will find a list of links, in the menu bar on top of the page, providing links to my career, works and my reflections on many things. I am also the author of 'Time and a Cyclone', an English fiction novel, which made it to preliminary listings of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction-2005 and 'Sculptures on Ink', a collection of articles.

'Time and a Cyclone' is available online at Indiaplaza.in. It is listed under the 'English Paperback' category in this page: 'Time and a Cyclone'

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Please use the navigation links in the upper frame or in the side bar to navigate through the different sections. The webpages are also filled with a whole array of hyperlinks, highlighted in blue, please click on them to visit the specific link and also a lot of Wikipedia pages, with information about the subject matter. This site is also coded in simple HTML and just using Textpad, so it is a very light and simple layout. The website also has many Youtube videos, copyrighted to the respective owners.

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This site was last updated on September 11, 2007.

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